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Moisture absorption: absorb water molecules in the air through its own physical or chemical adsorption, so that the goods are kept in a stable and relatively low humidity to protect the goods from moisture damage.


Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen absorption: through the principle of iron powder oxidation, the oxygen in the packaging is absorbed, and the oxygen concentration in the packaging is quickly reduced to less than 0.01% within half to two working days to ensure that the articles are not oxidized and deteriorated.



Odor absorption: absorb the odors in the packaging relying on the well-developed pore structure and huge specific surface area inside the activated carbon , with aluminum-magnesium silicate clay minerals. It absorb both moisture and odor in the same time.


Fruit & Veg Preserver

Removal of ethylene: physical absorption and chemical decomposition of ethylene gas released by fruits and vegetables during storage, refrigeration and transportation, delaying the maturity and decay of fruits and vegetables, and having the functions of color protection, deodorization, and sterilization.


Humidity Indicator Card

Humidity indication: monitor whether the humidity in the sealed package is within the range of “target equilibrium humidity”; The indicator card change its color sensitively and precisely by the change of humidity level. It is easy to use and very safe by using sulfur-free paper as the carrier.


2-Way Humidity Control Pack

Humidity control: made of natural plant fibers and polymer materials, it can absorb and release moisture, so that the humidity in the package can be set within the level of “target equilibrium humidity” to achieve precise “quantitative humidity control”.

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