Explore the cause of moisture of container marine cargo

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container marine cargo

Current situation of containe marine cargo being damp

As a relatively safe and economical way to transport goods, container shipping is most preferred way for most exporters to transport goods. But the goods by sea are prone to damp. Not every time ship by sea, will encounter serious losses. Sometimes, when the first several times of transportation are normal, but encounter serious tide losses in the sixth and seventh times, causing great losses. Many people confused, why get moisture when I packed my goods in a tightly sealed container. Where did the water come from? The fundamental reason lies in the lack of systematic container moisture-proof protection measures.

Container shipping is affected by moisture A 

The container sealed condition is not as well as it seems. All containers have moisture from the loading period and the cargo itself, and no container is completely sealed. The structure of the container determines the existence of gaps, especially around the doors.Do well systematic protection measures can effectively prevent serious damage to goods and economic losses caused by dampness. Export goods, need to use containers,please check the container systematically first.  Check container doors, walls, floors and tops for obvious holes, cracks and damages. Ensure the container is dry and clean. 

Container shipping is affected by damp cause B

Moisture in containers mainly comes from moisture in the air and the goods themselves, packaging materials (cartons, wooden cases, etc.), pallets, wooden floor of containers, container leakage, etc.The International Container Lessor’s Association states that the moisture content of container wood floors should not exceed 14%. In fact, the average moisture content of containers used in many ports is 18%, or even more than 25%. The main component of container floor is cork, high moisture content. Some heavy objects must be packed in wooden cases. The goods themselves, such as cotton and linen products, palm products, etc., are also high in moisture content. Do not use hot and humid containers that have just been cleaned. Use dry containers. All pallets and other wood products used in containers must be dry, and the relative Humidity should not exceed 12%. Can use moisture content of packing materials can be detected with a Humidity Detector.

In fact, in an ocean-going environment, the container is like a large steamer. The temperature inside the sealed container is more than 10 degrees higher than that outside, biggest changes dramatically with the difference in ocean temperature and humidity between day and night. When the goods are transported from low temperature area to high temperature area, or the storage environment of goods suddenly changes from cold to hot, the water of pallets and wooden cases will also be evaporated come out, and the water vapor in the air will condense into water on the surface of the goods or their packaging+ the goods themselves also contain(come out) the water. When a container moves from a high temperature area to a low temperature area, its internal environment temperature changes from high temperature to low temperature and reaches the dew point temperature. Water vapor will condense into water droplets, which will condense on the top and inner walls of the container and eventually drop onto the goods. That’s why the goods were wet.

Container marine cargo moisture solution:

Chunwang friendship tip: please use container desiccant, do moisture-proof protection measures in advance. The goal is to absorb moisture from the air to reduce the amount of moisture entering the container. The amount of container desiccant used depends on the type of cargo, the length of the voyage, and the acceptable level of damage. Generally a 20 feet container is recommended to use more than 6pcs 1 kg container desiccant, such as Chunwang CODC-91-10 model products.Hang the desiccant on the inner ring of the container. If the moisture content of packaging materials in containers is high, if wooden cases, pallets, etc., the amount of desiccant in containers should be increased.Valuable goods should be well protected, increase the amount. You can also lay some container desiccant of MODEL CODD-91-10 on the carton.

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