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Challenges in the container shipping industry

At present, more than 2/3 of the total international trade volume is transported by container sea, and 90% of the total import and export cargo in some countries is transported by container sea. Ocean transportation has the advantages of large capacity and low transportation cost, but it also has the disadvantage of long transportation time. During the shipping of the container, the temperature inside the container will rise and fall day and night, and the relative humidity in the container will also fluctuate. occurs, resulting in irreversible moisture damage to the cargo.

Here are some of the challenges that the container shipping industry often faces:

Get mouldy
Packaging deformation
Collapsed packaging
Labels come off


The container should be loaded at a time when the relative humidity of the environment is low, and a container with a wood floor moisture content of less than 15% should be selected. Before loading, the ventilation openings of the container should be blocked. Hang container drying strips and lay flat cargo drying blankets on the cargo boxes.

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