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Challenges in the e-commerce retail industry

The e-commerce retail industry mainly relies on express delivery to transport goods to customers. Although the transportation cycle of retail products is short, in some regions or seasons with large fluctuations in temperature and humidity, due to high humidity, there is still the risk of moisture damage to the goods, which leads to buyers returning goods and increasing the after-sales cost of merchants. Often, damaged goods require high repair costs or scrapping. Even if the courier company is willing to compensate the merchant for the loss due to the poor shopping experience of the customer, it cannot make up for the loss of the merchant’s brand image.
In addition, for some commodities with a strong smell, such as plastic products, leather products, rubber products, etc., if the merchant does not take measures to remove the smell, the buyer may give a bad review after receiving the product because of the strong smell and suspect the product. the quality of.
For fresh fruits and vegetables, because fruits and vegetables will always release ethylene, sealing them and transporting them by express can easily accelerate their ripening and decay, and it is easy to cause bad reviews from buyers.

The following are some of the challenges that the e-commerce retail industry often faces:

Goods are moldy
Pungent smell
Corrosion of metal products
Electronic product failure
Rotten of fruits and vegetables


The moisture-proof of express packages during transportation is not under the control of the seller (the logistics company will load the packages to the same destination in a unified way, but may not take moisture-proof measures in the vehicle), so the seller can only protect the valuables in the express package as much as possible. The product is not threatened by moisture, therefore, putting desiccant in the product box is a necessary moisture-proof solution.
For products with strong odor, our activated carbon adsorbent can be placed in the product packaging, which can effectively absorb odors.
For fresh fruit and vegetable products, our ethylene remover can be placed in the product packaging to ensure the freshness of the fruit and vegetable.

Specific solutions can be found in the following products:


  • Silica Gel Desiccant (Composite Paper Chunwang Brand)

    Silica Gel Desiccant (Composite Paper Chunwang Brand)

    DMF-free, CoCl2-free; composite paper package, cost-effective, wide range of applications; printed trademark layout, suitable for end-use enterprise customers.

  • Calcium Chloride Desiccant Pack

    Calcium Chloride Desiccant Pack

    It is used inside boxes or other packagings and has the characteristics of small size and convenient use.

  • Desi-Plus Desiccant

    Desi-Plus Desiccant

    The physical adsorption desiccant with a moisture absorption rate of more than 45% can continuously absorb moisture for 6 months. It can be applied from 0°C to 100°C, and the moisture absorption effect is good in a low-humidity environment.

  • Tea Deodorizer

    Tea Deodorizer

    This product uses natural tea leaves as raw materials. Tea contains high polymer palmitic acid and terpene compounds, which are active in nature and easy to absorb various odors.

  • Activated Carbon Deodorant In Large Package

    Activated Carbon Deodorant In Large Package

    The raw material of activated carbon is selected, with well-developed internal pores and strong adsorption capacity; with aluminum magnesium silicate clay minerals, it can deodorize and prevent moisture. SMS non-woven packaging, breathable material does not leak dust.

  • Ethylene Absorber

    Ethylene Absorber

    Physically absorb and chemically decompose the ethylene gas released by fruits and vegetables during storage, refrigeration and transportation, so as to delay the maturity and decay of fruits and vegetables, and have the functions of color protection, deodorization, and sterilization.


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