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Challenges in the electrical and electronic industry

There are many sensitive electronic circuits and components inside electronic appliances. Excessive moisture will greatly reduce the insulation resistance between the internal conductors of electronic appliances, accelerate decomposition and corrode the conductors. We often see patina on the metal parts of electronic product components, which is actually caused by the chemical reaction of metal copper with water vapor and oxygen. So moisture can cause, for example, electronic decay, corrosion of conductors and even irreversible short circuits. Moisture is the most prevalent and damaging primary factor for electronic circuit components.
For some electronic and electrical products with optical components, damp will cause the optical components to become moldy, increase the stray light, and reduce the sensitivity of the product.
For export electronic products, long-term shipping and violent fluctuations in temperature and humidity will cause the outer packaging of the product to be damp, moldy and deformed, affecting the sales of the product.

The following are some of the challenges that the electrical and electronic industry often faces:

Solder joint and component corrosion
Moldy optics
Rusty casing
Packaging deformation
Shipping box collapsed
Labels come off


Due to the small package size of small electronic products, ordinary small packets of desiccant can be placed in the package. The packaging of large electrical products is large, and a calcium chloride desiccant with high moisture absorption should be placed in the packaging. For exported electrical and electronic products, the container-specific desiccant should also be hung in the shipping container.

Specific solutions can be found in the following products:


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