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Challenges facing the food industry

Food is rich in nutrients such as fat, sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, oxygen and moisture, fat will be oxidized, resulting in rancidity, deterioration, and unpleasant odor, commonly known as “” rance “. For foods with low moisture content (generally less than 15%), when the environment is humid, moisture will penetrate into the interior of the package through the surface of the package, which will cause the food to absorb moisture from the air and become soft, even mildew and insects. , deteriorating the quality of food.

Here are some of the challenges the food industry often faces:

Vitamin loss


According to the above content, the main factors affecting the deterioration of food are light, oxygen, moisture, ethylene and so on. For packaged foods, we can use shading bags and put desiccants, for foods with low water content, we can use shading bags and put desiccants, and for fresh fruits and vegetables, we can put ethylene absorbers.

Specific solutions can be found in the following products:


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