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Challenges facing the furniture industry

Furniture is usually made of textile, leather, sponge, wood, metal and other materials. Textiles and leather are prone to mold growth, while sponges and wood are highly hygroscopic. Furniture is generally bulky, the packaging is not easy to seal, and the hygroscopicity and release are strong. Once the moisture-proof measures are not taken during the storage and transportation of the furniture, the sponge and wood will release the moisture absorbed by themselves into the furniture packaging, causing the furniture to be damp. Moldy, rusted accessories.

Here are some of the challenges the furniture industry often faces:

Moldy furniture
Foul smell
Corrosion of metal fittings
Packaging deformation
Collapsed shipping box
Labels come off


Moisture of furniture products mainly occurs during storage and transportation. In order to cope with the large volume and strong moisture absorption and release capacity of furniture, calcium chloride desiccant with a moisture absorption rate of 10 times that of ordinary desiccants should be selected. It is recommended to place a small packet of calcium chloride desiccant in the furniture package, and hang a special container desiccant in the storage and transportation container.

Specific solutions can be found in the following products:


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