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Challenges facing the jewelry industry

Improper packaging of non-plated silver jewelry is easy to oxidize. The first case of silver oxidation is to react with oxygen and moisture in the air to produce silver oxide, which will turn gray-black after oxidation. The second case of silver oxidation is when it reacts with sulfur in the air to produce silver sulfide, which becomes a shiny dark black.
Iron, copper and other metal accessories are easy to get wet and rust.
Cotton wool accessories, such as wool hats, velvet flowers, etc., are susceptible to moisture and insects.

Here are some of the challenges the jewelry industry often faces:

Oxidative discoloration
Moisture and rust
Moisture and insects
Packaging deformation
Labels come off


Jewelry should be packaged with packaging materials with low air permeability and water permeability to isolate it from contact with air, and a desiccant should be placed in the jewelry package to absorb moisture in the packaging environment. It is recommended to place calcium chloride desiccant in the shipping container during transportation to minimize the risk of moisture exposure to the cargo.

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