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Challenges facing the lighting industry

Except for special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps stored or transported in a humid environment will cause the electronic components of the LED lamp drive power to be corroded and short-circuited, resulting in the lamps not being able to light up. When the LED lamp beads are damp, the lamp beads will not light up, or the lamp beads will be dim and low in brightness.
The raw materials and accessories of LED lamp beads are packed in anti-static bags or aluminum foil bags, but they may still be damp. Because these packaging bags have a certain moisture permeability, they cannot completely resist moisture.

Here are some of the challenges the lighting industry often faces:

Corrosion of electronic components
Welding Corrosion Short Circuit
The lamp beads are dim or not bright
Packaging deformation
Collapsed shipping box
Labels come off


For finished lamps, it is necessary to protect against moisture in storage and transportation. It is recommended to place a certain amount of desiccant in each product package. If the lamps are exported, high moisture absorption calcium chloride desiccant should also be used in the transportation container. For raw materials and accessories of lamps, in addition to packaging in anti-static bags or aluminum foil bags, upstream suppliers should also be advised to put desiccant in the packaging bags. For raw materials and accessories that have been damp, they can be sent back to upstream suppliers for secondary baking and dehumidification.

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