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Challenges facing the packaging industry

Most of the goods are packed in corrugated boxes. The main components of corrugated boxes are cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, etc., which means that it has strong hydrophilicity and high moisture absorption capacity.
Some fragile or valuable goods are packed and transported in wooden boxes, and the wood itself also has a strong moisture absorption capacity. During storage and transportation, once the ambient temperature fluctuates wildly, the wooden boxes will release the moisture they absorbed, and the released moisture will condense into liquid water and cause moisture damage to the goods inside the box.

Here are some of the challenges the packaging industry often faces:

Moldy packing box
Foul smell
Deformation of the packing box
Crate collapsed
Labels come off


Most of the materials used in packaging boxes have strong moisture absorption capacity. The storage environment of carton and wooden box boards should be kept dry. If necessary, excess moisture in the box boards can be removed by sun exposure. During the use of the box, desiccant can be placed in the box. If the goods packed in cartons or wooden boxes need to be transported over long distances, a calcium chloride desiccant with high moisture absorption should also be placed in the transport container.

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