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Challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry

Medicines are expensive and closely related to the health of the user, medicines are sensitive to temperature and humidity. It is necessary to prevent moisture damage of pharmaceutical products during storage and transportation. Once the drug is damp, it will be invalid, and once the drug packaging is damaged, it will not be sold.
Drugs are easily decomposed when wet, crystallize, and volatilize when heated; some tablets will swell, splinter, loose, mildew, oxidize, discolor, etc.

Here are some of the challenges the pharmaceutical industry often faces:

Medicine gets wet
Damaged packaging
Moldy packaging
Collapsed shipping carton
Labels come off


To prevent the drug from getting wet, it needs to be packaged in a packaging container with excellent airtightness, and a special drug desiccant that meets the standard should be placed in the package (in line with the Chinese YBB00122005 standard for silica gel desiccant in solid paper bags; in line with the U.S. FDA (CFR 21) drug desiccant standard; Meet the USP41-NF36 standard; meet the GMP production standard;), and store in a cool and dry place. It is recommended to use our calcium chloride desiccant products to prevent moisture during transportation. The moisture absorption rate is 10 times that of ordinary desiccants, especially suitable for use in transportation containers.

Specific solutions can be found in the following products:


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