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Challenges in powdered products

Common powdered products include edible starch, medicinal powder, milk powder, condiments, sugars, chemical raw materials, building materials, etc. The powder product itself has strong hygroscopic properties, and the damage caused by moisture is often irreversible, such as: agglomeration, moth-eaten, melting, solidification, etc., which will cause the product to be scrapped directly.

Here are some of the challenges that powdered products often face:



Moisture barrier packaging materials should be used for powder products. Such packaging materials generally cost more and are suitable for powder products with higher value. Most powder products such as flour, cement, etc. are packaged in relatively low-cost packaging bags. These packagings have a certain moisture permeability. If moisture-proof measures are not taken during storage and transportation, once humidity is encountered If it is higher, the powdered product in the package will be damaged by moisture. It is recommended to place calcium chloride desiccant in the storage and transportation environment of powdered products.

Specific solutions can be found in the following products:


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