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Challenges of power distribution equipment

Modern residential areas, large shopping malls, subways and other construction units usually place power distribution equipment in underground closed places. The environment in such places is closed and dark, and the air is humid. When the relative humidity reaches a certain level, a large amount of condensation will occur inside the power distribution equipment, resulting in The equipment is exposed to moisture and flashes, mildew and corrosion, electrical short-circuit of the busbar bridge, and wet and accumulated water in the cable trench.

Here are some of the challenges that power distribution equipment often faces:

Moisture and flash
Short circuit
Stagnant water


During the use of power distribution equipment, it is recommended to install a temperature and humidity control device inside it. After installing the temperature and humidity control device, the temperature and humidity controller will detect according to the humidity inside the power distribution cabinet. When the detected humidity is too high, the heating circuit will be activated to make the heating plate work to prevent condensation. For airtight power distribution equipment that cannot be installed with humidity control devices, a desiccant can be placed inside to prevent moisture. For power distribution equipment manufacturers, desiccants should also be used to keep products dry during storage and transportation.

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