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Challenges in the Precision Instrument Industry

Precision instruments are usually composed of metal parts, electronic parts, and optical parts. In the case of slight moisture damage, it cannot be found from the outside, but it will cause additional measurement errors in use. In severe cases, moisture can lead to electrochemical corrosion of metal parts of precision instruments, failure of electronic parts, and mildew of optical parts.

Here are some of the challenges that the precision instrument industry often faces:

Corrosion of metal parts
Electronic failure
Moldy optics
Moldy and deformed packaging
Shipping box collapsed
Labels come off


During the storage and transportation of precision instruments, they must not come into contact with corrosive gases, chemicals, acidic substances, etc. At the same time, the storage and transportation environment must be kept dry, and the ambient temperature and humidity should not change drastically. It is recommended to place desiccant in the packaging of precision instrument products. For precision instrument products exported by sea, the temperature difference between day and night at sea is huge, and the drastic changes in ambient temperature and humidity are unavoidable. It is recommended to use high moisture-absorbing container-specific desiccant in the container.

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