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Challenges facing the security industry

Video surveillance, access control and anti-theft alarm equipment are the most common security products, which have a high unit value. Moisture can easily lead to internal welding corrosion and sensor failure. Especially for video surveillance equipment, during use, especially in some cold areas, the operation of the camera itself will generate heat, and the difference between high and low temperatures is more likely to cause repeated fogging inside the equipment.

Here are some of the challenges the security industry often faces:

Lens fogging
Weld corrosion
Sensor failure
Packaging deformation
Collapsed shipping box
Labels come off


The biggest threat of security products is the problem of moisture, so the design of such products must have good sealing, and it is recommended to embed a new type of fiber desiccant inside the product. This desiccant is small in size and can be cut into any shape. , which can be cut to match the internal structure of the equipment. This solution can solve the problem of repeated damping of security equipment during use. During the transportation of security products, it is recommended to place calcium chloride desiccant in the transportation container to solve the problem of moisture in the product packaging.

Specific solutions can be found in the following products:


  • Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing

    Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing

    It can be pasted on the packaging of the cargo. moisture absorption rate can reach more than 300%.

  • Cargo Dry Blanket

    Cargo Dry Blanket

    It can cover a large area of the cargo surface and has a better moisture absorption effect.

  • Shipping Container Desiccant

    Shipping Container Desiccant

    It can be hung on the side wall of the container to absorb excess moisture in the container.

  • Shipping Container Dry Strip

    Shipping Container Dry Strip

    It can be hung on the top of the container to absorb excess moisture in the container

  • Shipping Container Dry Pole

    Shipping Container Dry Pole

    The outer layer is reinforced with a hard paper shell, which is more resistant to extrusion

  • Desi-Plus Desiccant

    Desi-Plus Desiccant

    The physical adsorption desiccant with a moisture absorption rate of more than 45% can continuously absorb moisture for 6 months. It can be applied from 0°C to 100°C, and the moisture absorption effect is good in a low-humidity environment.


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