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This product is made of natural plant fiber and polymer material, which is safe and harmless to human body, product and environment. Its shape is paper sheet, which is convenient to use, does not occupy space, and has no risk of particle leakage. It has a wide range of applicability, and applications within the humidity range of 30%-90% can be customized on demand (Our company desiccant can be used for storage requirements below RH30%). In addition, compared with silica gel desiccant products, it also has higher humidity control accuracy (at room temperature (20-25°C), the humidity control accuracy of traditional silica gel products is ±5%, while humidity control pack is ±3%, which is 40% higher than that of traditional silica gel), and the humidity control rate is faster (the fiber humidity control pack is card-shape and has a large specific surface area in contact with air; The particles are in a “piled up” state in the package, so the humidity conditioning rate of “humidity control pack” is faster than that of silica gel).

Humidity Control Pack


Product usually need to be kept in a stable humidity to be safer. This humidity is called “target equilibrium humidity”, different product need different target equilibrium humidity. Two-way humidity control tablets are specially designed for this purpose and can be specially customized according to different goals to balance humidity, and can be widely used in capsules, traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng, tobacco, cigars, fabrics, antiques, jade, paper, collections, musical instruments, optics, precision Materials and other products that require certain storage humidity requirements.

Capsule: 30%-40% target equilibrium humidity
Collection: target equilibrium humidity 60% -70%
Tabacco, Cigar: 65%-75% target equilibrium humidity
Precision instruments: 35%-45% target equilibrium humidity
Chinese medicine: 30%-50% target equilibrium humidity
Optical products: 45%-55% target equilibrium humidity

Humidity Control Accuracy

There is no need to “pre-adjust” the target space before using the two-way humidity control sheet, which can quickly control the target space within the standard humidity range. It is easy to use and has high humidity control efficiency. The maximum error value is only ±3% of the target humidity. After using the two-way humidity control sheet, the humidity in the package can be accurately controlled at the same level.

Before using
 After using

Humidification Capacity

Generally, within the target humidity range, the larger the humidity control capacity, the better the product performance. The following table is a comparison table of the humidity-conditioning capacity of silica-based humidity-conditioning materials of major foreign brands and fiber humidity-conditioning materials produced by our company under different humidity ranges.

RH RangeGermany P Brand(Silica Gel)Japan A Brand( Silica Gel)Chunwang Brand( Fiber)

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