Should desiccants or deoxidizers be used in dog food storage?

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dog food storage

The difference between desiccant and deoxidizer:

Should desiccants or deoxidizers be used in dog food storage? Many pet owners on the Internet ask this question, but there is no systematic professional answer. The main difference between desiccant and deoxidizer is: desiccant is used to absorb moisture in the environment, and deoxidizer is used to absorb oxygen in the environment. To answer pet owners’ questions, First of all, you need to figure out whether the excess water or oxygen needs to be removed in the dog food storage environment.

Reasons and harms of dog food spoilage

The composition of dog food is the same as human food, which is composed of six major parts: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and water. Its best storage temperature is 0-28 degrees Celsius, relative humidity (RH) <60%. Various factors such as moisture, oxygen, temperature, light, etc. will cause the dog food to deteriorate faster, Excessive relative humidity will cause it to dissolve and mold, interact with oxygen, temperature, light, and lead to the growth of its microorganisms (such as aflatoxin). Such expired pet food will cause damage to the pet’s kidney function and liver function. , causing acute renal failure and liver damage.

Which desiccant and deoxidizer should be used?

From the above analysis, it is known that preserving pet feed is not as simple as using desiccant or deoxidizer, and requires a combination of various aspects.

  • Don’t stock up on too much pet feed at one time, try to buy feed with a recent production date, and buy it frequently and in small quantities.
  • Choose a high-quality grain storage bucket with good sealing performance to effectively prevent moisture and air from entering.
  • Divide pet food for daily use into small bags and seal them into grain storage buckets, and put deoxidizers instead of desiccants in the small bags. The deoxidizer here is mainly used to absorb oxygen in the small bags. Do not use desiccant here, it will absorb moisture content of the feed in the packet affects the quality of feed.
  • Generally, the grain storage bucket has a desiccant storage tank. Here, it is necessary to put a desiccant in the desiccant storage tank instead of deoxidizer. The main function is to absorb moisture in the grain storage bucket instead of moisture in the feed packet. In seasons and regions with high relative humidity, the amount of desiccant should be increased and the desiccant should be replaced at any time.
  • The grain storage bucket is placed in a cool and dry place.

Do the above points, your dog food or other pet food will be the same as you just opened the bag even if you take it out for half a year.

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