What is DMF? Why is it banned by the EU?

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DMF is defined

We often hear the phrase “DMF free desiccant,” so what is DMF?
DMF is a kind of chemical mildew inhibitor, it has the characteristics of low toxicity, broad spectrum antibacterial, has special antibacterial effect on mold, is widely used in leather, shoes, sofa and other textile products sterilization and mildew treatment. DMF can be irritating and, at low doses, poses little harm to humans. However, some manufacturers took into account the humid monsoon climate in Europe, and in order to achieve the ideal anti-mildew effect, they used MORE DMF than the normal amount in some products, causing skin allergies, acute eczema and burns for consumers.

DMF regulations

On 17 March 2009, the European Commission 《adopted the Decision requiring Member States to guarantee that products will not containing the biocide dimethyl fumarate (DMF) placed on the market or marketed 》(2009/251/EC). this adoption, since 1 May 2009, The Member States of the European Union prohibit the placing or sale on the market of products containing DMF in excess of 0.1 PPM, and products already placed on the market or sold on the market containing DMF should be recycling from the market and from consumers.

What is the difference between DMF and silica gel desiccant in inhibiting mildew of cargo?

DMF(dimethyl fumarate) is a separate mildew inhibitor, is through the synthesis of certain chemical raw materials, is an organic compound. In terms of the principle of action, dimethyl fumarate penetrates the cell membrane of microorganisms and enters microbial cells, thus exerting its inhibitory effect on mold.
Silica gel desiccant is a kind of adsorbent. Its adsorption capacity is due to its large amount of nano-pore structure, which does not need the support of any external conditions. Silica gel desiccant we can be identified as an inorganic oxide unit, is by absorbing water in the air, destroy the living environment of mold to achieve mold inhibition.

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